Science and the True Nature of Mind…..An Equation for the Universe.

The Colors of Infinity,  narrated by Arthur C. Clarke, is  a powerful documentary that I am so excited to share.  It has impacted my life over the last 17 years since I first saw it as a PBS special.  It’s a beautiful display of fractal geometry as well as an explanation of how the Mandelbrot set — which someone has called it the thumb-print of God — as one of the most beautiful and remarkable discoveries in the entire history of mathematics.   A very unusual documentary that will give chills at understanding this mystery we call life.

It’s really one of the most amazing explanations I have ever seen on how I perceive our minds, the mystery of what I perceive as magic and a Buddhist understanding of the nature of mind and emotions.   I watched this 17 years ago and it still stands my hair on end.  I am sure there will be lots of conversation on this.  Post your comments to share how this moves you.  My husband and I still can spend an hour afterwards discussing how the mind works and how we perceive emotions and such.

The Colors of Infinity

To much of my surprise I just learned that NOVA aired not quite 2 years ago another documentary on Fractal Geometry.  15 years later!  This one is called Hunting the Hidden Dimension.  It is much more scientific, very much new information with how it can be used in medical science and for rain forrest and understanding our world.  I liked both of them, but the first one has me understanding the nature of our minds. I also feel there is another part of this.  Larry Dossey, author of many books explaining the nature of science and how we can heal our bodies through our minds, reinventing medical science and much much more.  I believe hidden in all of this infromation, our brains being a replica of a computer can create through such holograms a visual for healing our own bodies from disease, traumas, as well as meditation and the mind.  There is so much I can discuss on this, but I need an audience first….:-)

So here is NOVA’s Hunting the Hidden Dimension.


2 thoughts on “Science and the True Nature of Mind…..An Equation for the Universe.

  1. I watched the second one last night KK* and it was like I was falling out of my seat with “I GET IT!” I totally believe we are fractals, holograms, of energy. We are as limitless as the fractal. What we can accomplish, manifest, heal, we are all of it. I have so much that wants to come out of me on this topic and I’m just waiting for it to reveal it to me. It’s just right there….I have to be patient. It has so much to do with freeing my energy up from the trauma all stuck in my limbic system. Once I release it, I get to soar. I just know it. This is why I haven’t flown yet. My limbic system is still in crisis mode and has much work to be done. We are getting there though.

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