Becoming More – How to Rise Above

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Who said you’ll never surmount to anything?

Who said you can’t be what you dream?

Who has stopped you from showing up in life?

“Where and when was it ok to trust that voice? “

I know I matter.  I know I am someone!  I followed my happiness but over time, my smile annoyed people.  Over time, I was told it’s not ok to be happy ALL the time. I was shown different.  I was told “YOU CAN’T BE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.”

I began hating myself so that I could overcome all the anger and negative energy surrounding me.

And who told you all of this?  My FATHER. 

He lied to me.  He shamed me.  He showed me that I didn’t matter.  I know deep down that he can’t make me be something I am not.         BUT DAMN IT HURTS!  

I have the guts to overcome such grief.

I have the magic to find a new truth.  

I have the desire to be stronger.

 I have the faith to find compassion.


That is my miracle….and it feels good to say out loud.

Shakti Chionis

Copyright © June 2013  All Rights Reserved.

2 thoughts on “Becoming More – How to Rise Above

  1. My stepmother used to tell me: “When are you going to learn that life is one kick in the teeth after another?” NEVER I would say to myself. NEVER. 🙂

  2. Good for you for not believing her. My dad used to tell me everyone was crazy. At some point (I think I was 18 years old) I realized he must have been talking about himself. I just didn’t see what he saw.

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