I Radiate Self Love

The swirl of internal winds rush upward.  

Warmth, heat, love ~ penetrate.  

Inside I melt away the cold dark days.

High up  above the birds soar.

I open my wings.  I take flight.

I am finding my way home.

What a miracle.

Shakti Chionis 6/15/13

Copyright © June 2013  All Rights Reserved.

Light rising up apple tree

3 thoughts on “I Radiate Self Love

  1. I like this a lot. I think this is what I needed to see today.

    “When sleeping women wake, mountains move.” –Chinese proverb

  2. And you don’t even know me Eric. How cool is that, that you can see it anyways. I did a meditation the other night using self love as the focal point of manifesting. It was an audio I received from Wayne Dyer. I didn’t know I was getting these extra audios. Anyways, I did the visualizations and I really felt the channels inside of me doing this and radiating from it came a voice that said I radiate self love. I didn’t name it, I just heard it. Then started using it. I am feeling my connection (and emotions) more. Although, some days it’s still so challenging. I feel like when I don’t lash out and blame others (out of habit), I end up eating my own stuff and it feels terrible.
    I am a work in progress and this poem definitely represents that. Thank you for seeing me.

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