Rowen and Gus (4 years old)

What does it mean to be your authentic self?

How do we get there?

                I Gotta Be ME!

Embracing this part of myself without worry or fear of others judging me or what they are going to do or say to me IS what prevents me from allowing it. I find I get really stuck in fear.  Being safe has been most important to me in my life.  Protecting or taking on others worry from enmeshment has also plagued me.

 Because of the dynamics in my childhood and the lack of protection I had, my adult life has been very confusing.  I get lost in what is mine and what is others.  Removing this tangled web has become easier with this constant question of “What would someone who loves themselves do?”  It is helping me know the difference and shedding that which is not mine.  A gift indeed.  I do not need to carry more grief due to the sloppiness of those around me that do not know better.  It is up to me now to be present enough in my life to shape shift a new reality.  I get to choose.

Authenticity is being true to ones self.  Not being narcissistic, but not being responsible for everyone’s choices.  Not fearing oneself of being caught if seen or bolting the moment it’s not embraced by someone else who is afraid of what they see.  We are not responsible for them.

 Knowing this, freedom can rise from within.  Attachment to what we see externally, can no longer haunt me.  I get to be me.   My soul yearns for this.  Does yours?

Photo of my son Gus and his friend Rowan at 4 years old.

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