Anxious about Life?

Photo by Peter Salter.

Photo by Peter Salter.

When have we not become anxious, is more like it?  Doesn’t it seem that everything we do creates some kind of fear?  Is there a time we are open and receptive to the miracles we want?  Resistance is a bugger…ain’t it?

Overcoming fears.

                  Becoming open.

                                    Letting go.

                                                Showing up.

“Sitting in the Center of the Secret that Knows.”    Wayne Dyer

How do we do that?


4 Steps at making peace with your Mind.

Settling the mind.

These are the tools we seek to put in our tool box.  So let’s start.

1) Overcoming fears-  First we have to acknowledge we are feeling afraid.  Can you do that?  Can you allow yourself to feel afraid?  Usually when we allow this feeling, we then have to allow the other feelings that come with it.  Sadness and anger.  Often just by allowing this to happen, you release yourself to the next step. Another tool I use for overcoming fears is to ask the person inside of me “what is she afraid of?”, or “how old are you?”  Wait for the answer to come.  AND then, just talk to that voice.  Pretend you are the parent, and just listen.  Hear what this voice has to say.  You can ask what it’s positive intention is.  And listen, write it down if you need to.  This will shed so much light on you.

2) Becoming open-  For me, I found writing an allowing journal has been super helpful.  Allow myself to be happy, allow myself to feel joy, allow myself to be open, allow myself to feel safe, allow myself to let others have their opinions, allow myself grace, allow myself to love, allow myself to receive love, allow myself to become who I am meant to be.  You get the picture.  Spend some time writing all the things you will allow.  Make a huge list!  Leave space for more.

All this allowing is making space for you.  It is opening you up to moving downstream so you aren’t resisting life.  Whenever there is resistance, it is your red flag that you are not allowing something.  We all know the feeling of resistance.  That feeling of tightness inside us, the “not going to hear what you have to say” thing we do, the “I don’t want to believe it” view.  Try this exercise.  It will make obvious changes for you.  If you can’t, start with allowing yourself to do this exercise.  Your new vocabulary word is “I ALLOW”.  Use it A LOT!  Make a new habit of it.  Try it, you will like it.

3) Letting go – Hmm…what is it we are holding on to?  An old belief?  An old shoe?  Worn clothes?  Broken things in our house that we never get to fix?  Clutter?  I could write a novel on this one topic.  We all hold on to things.  We all believe “something” has value, even if we don’t know what to do with it.  Sometimes we are holding on to a belief because it validates our basic assumptions and guilty feelings.  Look at the positive intentions that all these thoughts. have.  Even the negative thoughts (parts of you) believe they are serving you.  Get to the place where you can unhook them.  That’s why seeking the positive intention in them is so valuable.  This is the “key” for making miracles.  Climbing to a new summit for a new view is EVERYTHING.  It’s totally worth the effort it takes to get there.  Even if it feels hopeless, I promise you will find freedom and comfort in your new view.

Letting go of clutter and house hold “stuff” blocks you the same way.  There is a FABULOUS book called Clear your clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston.  It’s a small book.  I guarantee you, that if you start reading it, before the book is done, your house will be cleaned.  Every part of what we hold on to is tied into a thought.  An energy.  We get drained when we see the clutter.  We get drained when we see what has to be done in the house (cleaning, fixing, sorting, filing).  All of this makes  an impact on our thoughts.  Worthiness, emptiness, happiness, dirty, clean….all ties in with our psyche.  Start small and see what little changes happen for  you.

4) Showing up – This is the real deal.  This is what we are striving for.  This is why we freeze.  This is why we get stuck and can’t move forward.  The risk it takes for us to be seen, the risk it takes for us to reveal our authenticity….you will find all of this gets much easier when you’ve done the previous steps.  Just like going to kindergarten, then 1st grade and then middle school eventually you will find your way to high school.  You can’t expect a 5 year old to be doing 10th grade math.  There is a process here that just won’t succeed if you don’t go through the steps in order.  The same is true for finding your authentic self.  Until you look at your resistance, flow can’t work it’s magic.  The resistance is at odds with your desire of what you want.  You can not attract something if your core belief has the opposite thought of lack, unworthy, not good enough, etc.  If you think you don’t have any resistance in your life, take a look.  See the areas that aren’t “just right”.  Health, money, relationships, parenting, work, etc…

These tools are only effective if we apply them and take action.  Nothing will change if you  stay in your habitual tendencies and wonder “why” do things happen to me.  You will wonder “why you don’t get a break”, or “why does this happen to me all the time”.  Any time you ask a “why” questions, you have become a victim.  Once again, you are here to make magic, right?  What would someone who loves themselves do?  Take the first step and care enough about yourself and those in your life and make the necessary choices to get you out of the “why” box.  Finding inner peace may feel like you just dove into the mud or that you are fighting your own personal hell.  You are not alone.  Your existance matters and becasue of that , try these steps.  I want you to succeed.  I want you to experience magic.  It’s powerful.  It’s your own miracle.

Just for today, make a miracle happen.

Blessings Be,

Shakti Chionis

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