Deepak Chopra – Were We Born to Love?

Deepak Chopra’s words are pure wisdom. This is why I am doing this commitment. I deeply crave this part of me to come to life again. I know in my soul I came here for love, to give and receive. I am making this happen. I am worth this powerful commitment.  For I know it’s not just for me. The ripple effect I will ripple to everyone that meets me, listens to my words, will all be affected on some cellular level. My words are powerful and I deliberately intend on reuniting humanity one heart to another. Join me in making this happen. I believe we can do this. Everyone is desperate for reuniting with this part of themselves.  The heartbeat of the planet is asking for help too.  Discover just how much when you ask yourself, “What would someone who loves themselves do?” Then take the first step and make it happen.  One day after another and you will not only be surprised at how we make a difference but others will notice too.

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One thought on “Deepak Chopra – Were We Born to Love?

  1. There is only the giving,
    and the only gift is Love.

    There is only the giving,
    all else is but a passing breeze.

    There is only the giving,
    have no concern
    of what others may think,

    There is only the giving,
    and the only gift is Love,

    There is only the giving.

    Don’t feed your body as body will be sacrificed
    Feed your heart as it’s the heart that will ascend into the heaven.


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