Take off your glasses so you can see….

Jacob Liberman

Jacob Liberman (Photo credit: TEDxMaui)

A True Story:

18 years ago I met a man named Jacob Liberman.  I didn’t know him but I experienced a profound understanding within a few short days of our encounter.  He shared an incredible story with me about a patient he had.

Jacob Liberman is an eye doctor and author of Take off Your Glasses and See.  And many years prior to our meeting he had a woman come for an exam.  If I recall correctly, she was brown eyed and had brown hair.  She was inebriated for her exam.  She was loud and brash.  While he was examining her something miraculous happened.  Apparently she suffered from a multiple personality disorder, perhaps DID (I don’t remember).  Anyway, Jacob witnessed while examining her, the moment her personality changed, and in THAT moment she went from brown eyes to blue eyes.  Her personality changed as well.   She was no longer drunk, she was quiet and well mannered.

A story I have never forgotten.  He said he began asking questions.  He wanted to understand how the space from one moment to the next could be so dramatically different.  How did it manifest?  How is this possible?  We spent hours talking about it.  I was fascinated, because at this time in my life I was experiencing unique things as well.

I believe there is a “gap” between moments that are strung together.  These gaps are where perspective changes.  A shift in some aspect of the mind creates a whole different reality.  I feel these “gaps” are where we manifest.  Perhaps in perfect consciousness there is a moment where ego doesn’t exist and then is born within the next moment, creating appearance.  All appearance is illusion based, perceived with eye conciseness.  The yogi’s that meditate in the caves for 30+ years know this and experience these illusions of mere appearance.  Examples are putting a hand through a wall, flying, seeing what is “in-between worlds” and spontaneous healing.

The mind tricks us as it is anchored in thought.  What we think is only from our own perception of ego.  We all know it continuously changes.  For example when we have those Ah ha moments.  That moment wasn’t there until it reveals itself.  Perfect consciousness is a mirror reflecting unto itself.  So my question to you today is “What do you want to see?”.   What thoughts can you perceive differently if you choose to see differently?

Remember, my definition of magic is ” The illusion of what is real and what is not real”.  It lies between these two worlds.  It is what I have named “The GAP”.  Look for the miracle today within those 2 wolrds.  You will find it, when you take off your glasses to see.

Thank you Jacob for being an incredible teacher in my life.  I will never forget our encounter.  It was very magical.

You can watch him on this TED.

3 thoughts on “Take off your glasses so you can see….

  1. That’s interesting. When I worked in property management, ( in one property in particular ) I dealt with people who lived there. SOmetimes 2-3 generations of the same very poor families and many of them had severe issues. BiPolar disorder was one of those prevalent issues. Most of them were either not medicated or over medicated.. That’s the scary part. BUT, but yes, you have to consider these personalities in both realms.

  2. I’ve read that book. I do some of my best work in “the gap” , that’s a great description! I may have to use that term, it’s perfect!
    Thanks for the inspiration with my coffee!


  3. Don Juan says that we can “change our assemblage point”: – the place of our consciousness/awareness. When you change your assemblage point you can change your appearance. I wonder i people with MPD change their assemblage points but not on a conscious level. I sometimes experience a subtle shit in my assemblage point. then I appear to ‘see’ through my third eye.

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