An Eye for an I………Seeing the Unseen.


“Real Vision is the Ability to see the Invisible.”

Jonathon Swift

Part 1

What is a miracle?  How does one explain it?  It generally comes from an unexplainable experience.  If one could explain it, then would it be considered a miracle?  Are their people that don’t call them miracles, because they actually see the unseen?  Or perhaps their faith believes it so deeply that they experience it differently.

“Spontaneous Healing is a perfect example of the forces of nature dancing with perfect consciousness.”  

When I was 27, I had my first spontaneous healing experience.  (Yes, I said first…there are 3 parts to this, so stay tuned.)  I bought a book by Shakti Gwain titled Creative Visualization to see if I could finally rid a problem I had had for over 10 years.  I suffered from something called Raynaud’s syndrome.  A combination of cramming my longer second toe into a tight space  in my ice skate regularly and getting circulation problems combined with frost bite from a ski trip I went on, lead me to what the doctors called Raynaud’s syndrome.  In my own words, the doctors said I was “doomed” to a life long sentence of having a purple toe that really hurt when I wore certain shoes.   It actually felt broken a lot of the times and made it difficult to hike in boots.

I don’t know remember what  lead me to the moment that said, “I have had enough of this problem”, but there had to be a way to change it.  Perhaps I was inspired by Wayne Dyer’s book Real Magic, or maybe I just wanted to believe there was another way to heal it.   All I know is,  I was ready to enter into a new part of my life that I will label  as “training”.  I definitely was on my way to become  a healer and a miracle maker.  Whatever lead me here, I was surprised at the results.  I read that if you visualize perfect health, talk to the cells and even smile at them or your organs (called an inner smile meditation) of the body, you can remove dis-ease from yourself.  So why not try it I thought?

I spent one night doing all of this on my toe.  Seeing it in perfect health.  Believing that it could and would heal.  I then decided to embrace this concept for a few days.  I did this visualization every night before bed.  In one weeks time, my toe began changing color.  The blueish purple color actually started to fade and my pink fleshy color became more apparent.    It healed completely and has never been a problem since.  I was elated.  I learned another lesson about the power of my mind.  I never forgot this healing moment.  It was the beginning of a new way of seeing.

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