An Eye for an I……..It’s all in the NOW. Part 3

“What we think and believe about ourselves, we create.”


Do you see a theme?  We have many many dimensions to us, but we don’t see it, so is it really there?  Do you believe in the invisible?

The power of prayer is another belief in the “invisible”.  Do you believe in prayers?

What comes to your mind when you think of the word NOW?    And what does any of this have to do with healing?

Spontaneous healing comes from deep within.  A rising up of intense prayer mixed with a certain force within you and the external world.  These elements come together on some dimension.  What would happen if you knew you were going to die tomorrow?  That push of what has to be done “right now” is so strong that it propels you into a whole new existence of power.  If you were THAT power (which you are!) then how can you master it in your life?  It’s a simple answer.  You first have to ASK, then BELIEVE and then RECEIVE.


 You have to ask with devotion, you have to believe from deep inside, removing all barriers that hold you back and you have to receive the gift that comes.  Spontaneous healing exists.  Know it to be true.  If it’s happened to one person, it can happen to all people.  You are not excluded in this.  And as long as you are alive, up until your very last breath you take, it can happen.  Even on your very last breath….as long as your consciousness in embodied, you have the capacity for a miracle.


Years ago (maybe 12), my husband and I were asked if we could cook for our Buddhist teacher that we adore. He is very special.  He is what many would say is “enlightened” and yet he would say he is just an ordianery human being.  I was so excited to do this.  However,it required me to cook meat.  When asked if I was the person to do it, I shouted a big yes.  It didn’t matter that I had been vegan for 10 years.  It didn’t matter that I had no idea how to cook a roast or how to defrost meat even.  It didn’t matter if I had to even eat it if it came with the blessing of  being around such an amazing soul.  I was just amazed that such an opportunity arose.

We had traveled up to Vancouver, BC to buy the groceries.  It was around 6pm when we finished packing the truck.  There was over a $1000 worth of groceries for a 9 day retreat.  We had many people that would be joining us for the meals.  I was planning on cooking 3 meals a day along with tea and snacks twice a day.  I was the only one doing the cooking along with helpers that I had to seek out.

As we were packing up the truck, my husband accidentally slipped one of the bunji cords out of his hand and it released like a sling shot at god knows what speed across the truck and hit my right hand.  Blood was everywhere.  My immediate thought was my hand was broken and WHO was going to cook?  And then I went into shock.  Fortunately, I had a ton of my tinctures with me (from a recent class I took on energy medicine).  I looked up shock in the book from my class.   Grape Hyancinth and fireweed flower essences.  I had both!  I took both.  One in my mouth and one on my 3rd eye.  Within a second I was back in my body.  I looked at my husband and was like, “WHOA, those really work!”.

Back to the hand.  We didn’t have time to go to the hospital and get an x-ray.  We were 1 1/2 hr away and had a ton of food that needed to get in the freezer/refrigerator.  We did the only thing we could do.  Went to Safeway and got a bag of ice.  Now, my husband was feeling REALLY REALLY guilty at this point and was of absolutely no help.  He had to get us there.  My job was to pray, pray and pray.  I said a prayer, put the energy of NOW into it…as in this has to happen RIGHT NOW!  Not tomorrow, not next week, but RIGHT NOW.  I visualized the Medicine Buddha (a practice I had been doing) and I said the mantra over and over for 1 1/2 hrs.  I literally pulled from the depths of my soul and meant it as if my life depended on it.  This heals NOW.  I didn’t think for a second that it wouldn’t.  It was really clear that there was no other option and I’m sure I declared that too.

When we arrived (at 10 pm), we still had to unload the truck.  I was really really wiped out.  But we did what had to be done.  The swelling on my hand went down and you could see that it was my middle finger.  I’m sure it had to be broken.  It looked really funky.  I just kept the ice on it, the prayers going and finally got to go to sleep.  I was beyond tired.  I did some reiki on it (for those of you that don’t know what that is, it is a form of healing using the energies from my hands).  And I fell asleep.

I had a dream….  In the dream, my teacher (who I was cooking for), came to me in a wheel chair.  He placed his hand on my belly and said, “Everything is going to be ok.”  I then said, “The lump behind your ear, it’s gone.”  And his response was, “Yes, it’s gone.”  I woke up and my hand was healed.  I was uncertain just how healed it was, but it was functioning.  I did at some point during the day get that middle finger caught between a cutting board and the back of the counter. I felt a deep bruise for 2 hours.  However, I was in some altered place that wasn’t getting affected by it.

I was able to resume a 9 day retreat cooking.  They say obstacles can arise when you are getting to powerful places or in this case the retreat and being around so many blessings and enlightened people.  I received one of the most powerful lessons in my life that day.    I understood just what NOW meant.  I understood just how powerful I am.  I understood that level of faith.  I experienced a profound level of non conceptuality.  I am sure, it this had been just an ordinary camping trip, I never would have experienced this kind of healing.  Most likely I would have gone  the “normal” route, learned I had a broken finger and allowed the time to let it heal.  This was such a gift I received that day.  I am very grateful for this experience.

This is Thrangu Rinpoche, my teacher.  His kindness to his students is endless.


This story, is just one of the many I have encountered.  I have had many more spontaneous healings in my life when I have received healing treatments from other lightworkers.  Never for a moment doubt the power to heal yourself.  Remember, if one person can have this experience, it can happen to anyone who believes it can happen. 

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