Movement……Remembering Fearlessness

2005 State Farm U.S. Figure Skating Championships

I remember pedaling my bike down hill going as fast as I could.  The freedom in that speed, the wind in my face.  The fearlessness of being free with no worries at all.

I remember the feeling of ice skating across the ice with power in my legs, especially when I would skate backwards.   The freedom I had to move quickly gracefully, and with great speed.  The breeze once again washing over me.  Fearlessness overcame me when I would jump and spin.  One of my greatest joys in my life.

I remember dancing with endless desire of moving my body to rhythm.  Spinning, tapping, flying across the floor to the beat of sound. What amazing joy I felt. The freedom of movement without a care in the

I remember skate boarding down the streets in my home town.  Speed and power combine on the fearless act of being a kid. No worries at all.  No one could stop me for I was invincible. The joy of power, strength and speed combined.  How amazing was that!


When we are young life is infinitely
full of freedom and fearlessness.  Joy just is a natural state.

Don’t let life change us so much that we get trapped in fear.  Trapped in an aged body that forgets all the joy we once breathed. 

Even though they are just memories now, I still believe that freedom is within my reach.

Let that be my my miracle now.

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