The Remarkable Forces of Nature


In the beginning of time, nature was just a force of what is. It truly is energy and it remains just that. But nature has evolved with evolution and man intertwining. The realms of what is and what was “appear” different. Ultimately the separation of the two remain the same.

What makes the forces of nature so profound? Is it that we can’t see it? Or understand it? Or is it that we deeply know it internally and choose to not be part of it. Are we scared to be that powerful? Choosing to deny our own forces is choosing to avoid this universal truth of energy.

We are all made up of energy. We are all thought forms. We have made this agreement to dance with both and manifest as humans into what we perceive as relative truth. Our nature of minds live in both worlds. One eye seeing above and one eye seeing below. Each time we separate these two aspects, we observe separation.

If we choose to allow them to live comfortably together, we will enjoy moments where we can see the union of these two living and breathing together. Being able to experience a “Oneness” so to speak. The illusion of separation no longer exists for we are in union with all that is.

We are in union with the universal truths of energy and thought forms. Decide which world you want to breath in. Your life will reflect it.

Suffering is living an illusion of separation of all that is. Miracles are living a moment of oneness with all that is. They ARE the same coin. Flipping it will not matter. Allow your eyes to see through that even the coin is an illusion and that ultimately we are all forces of nature.

What choice did you make today? What would someone who loves themselves choose?

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