To Be Loved


To be loved. To be shared with everyone. To find peace and embrace what the heart wants. To know true love. To know true beingness. To really feel the heart’s deepest desire.

To yearn, to pray, to inspire, to touch another being fully. What joy. What a precious gift. Letting myself know what it means, to receive another’s love, will truly be a healing moment for me.

I have lived with thorns. I have lived in darkness. I have turned my heart into black coal. I am only now finding the strength to crack a window of myself and say, I can breath, I am safe, I am ok if I let someone inside. Feeling this vulnerability has been hard. Suffocating at times. I am making my way through the despair, the grief, the heartache and the pain of what was.

Life has a window of moments that says, jump….you are safe. You are here now. Just do it. Just open your arms, and embrace what comes. Feeling the fear and doing it anyways. Letting the possibilities come and allowing life to find me. Allowing myself to find joy. Allowing myself the freedom to know what true love is. Breathing into the sorrow. Breathing into the pain. Breathing into my fear.

This is my dream. This is what someone who loves themselves can do. I am now at 67 days of asking this question. I find I am doing things that I wouldn’t do if I didn’t ask the question. I am done hiding. I am more authentic. I am real. I am louder and I am hopeful that by the end of the year I will have experienced a profound transformation.

I believe it will happen. It is happening. My darkness sees more joy. My fear feels more safe. My love feels more alive. My life feels more real. I am grateful for that.

Thank you all that are supporting me on this incredible journey. I believe I am becoming what I am meant to be.

7 thoughts on “To Be Loved

  1. Thank for the reminder. This was a really hard post for me to hit send on. But I did it anyways. Feeling lots of emotions about it. My practice is so much to just observe the feelings instead of being swept up by them.

  2. Thank you. It’s been an amazing experience for me. This is one of the best tools that has helped me with my fears and finally break a barrier I couldn’t overcome any other way. It is remarkable. I feel so much RELIEF!

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