Would the world be a newer and safe place if everyone prayed? What would it look like? What kinds of prayers do I want?

To end poverty.  To end homelessness. To end war. To have medical insurance for everyone. To believe that we are all equal. For humanity to see each other authentically. To reach out and not be afraid of people we don’t know….even when they look different from us.

What makes the world so incredible is that we are all different. We all learn from one another, even when we don’t want to. Even if we think it’s everyone else’s fault.

There’s a quote I have seen that really struck me, “Drive all blames into one.”

Is that possible? Are we capable of being 100% responsible for our lives? What kind of world would we live in, if we began taking responsibility for everything we did. It is really hard. I actually tried it one day when I was blaming my husband for something. I turned it around towards myself and it felt like I was “poisoning” myself. It felt horrible. However, this is the reality that we all need to directly experience. When we taste our own words, we actually make the changes in the world that are needed. What does it take to make these changes?

It takes faith. It takes believing in humanity. It takes prayers. LOTS and LOTS of them. Shedding light on darkness. There are so many painful parts of the world that need our light. That need healing.

My wish, even if it were just for one day, is to have everyone pray together for world peace. Life would then be brighter and miracles would be sparkling in every direction all across the planet. Light a candle today and say a prayer. Ask that you be divinely guided. Ask “What would someone who loves themselves say?”. And ask for that. Give a prayer from someone who loves themselves. Do it for yourself and for the world.