Rising Phoenix

The lost soul of eternity will belong to the Heart of King.

I am your soul talking. I am your flame. I am your cousin of truth.

Let me tell you.

Let me share a story.


You were born free. Free to live a Heart filled life.  

You were born to love, laugh, cry and let joy drink from the fountain of youth.


The first time you cut me down I cried.

Then it was not the same.  You shunned me away.

Aching at your loss, you don’t speak to me anymore.

Lost in a world of flames-

You ignite anger with your breath.


Words sting.

Words bite.  

Words kill.

Be still and smolder out.  

Be lifted from the blaze.  

Anguished with heat you must find the way to seek help.


Burnt to a crisp it’s time to transform.

Rise above and yield to me.

I hold the key for your sanity.

Rise above, float along, you need never to endure such anguish again.


Rise to the joy.

Rise to the stars.

Be free at last.

Be free to be me.


Rejoice in your calling.

Be home at last.

Be honor.

Be love.  

Be home at last.

Copyright © July 2013  All Rights Reserved.