Acceptance- Nature’s Healing Remedy

tear-drop in eye

Listening to my story today.  Wishing I could have done better.  Small steps of successes with big regrets of anger.  Wishing I could have done better.  Feeling sorrow.  Acceptance feels like a balm.  Tomorrow I pick up my feet and look for more successes.  They are always there.  Washing my hands of the stains I made on my son today.  Acceptance of what is.  I will say prayers and wish more successes tomorrow.  Breath in and out, I accept my actions.  I allow for new choices tomorrow.

I’m sorry.

One thought on “Acceptance- Nature’s Healing Remedy

  1. Shakti, this is oddly coincidental…not only did you and I publish our respective posts this evening at the same time, you reference balm and I spoke to salve. I find this serendipitous and in vibrational accord. Please be kind to yourself.

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