To ‘Have’ or to ‘Want’ or to ‘Need’……………That is the question.


“Choose your thoughts carefully .. you are a masterpiece of your life”

From “The Secret”

This is not new to some but always a great reminder.  The universal laws and how they work.  Such a good reminder to reflect on your thoughts and do a check in.

Does this sound like you:

I need more money.  I need more help.  I need support.  I need to get my to do list done.  I need to exercise.

I want more money.  I want more help.  I want more support.  I want to get my to do list done.  I want to exercise.

I have more money.  I have help.  I have support.  I have my to do list done.  I am exercising.

These laws don’t care how old you are.  They don’t care what color you are.  Or what gender you are.  

The only thing that matters is that you apply them appropriately to your thoughts.


Your thoughts are reflected out into the universe and what you see it what you think and speak.

What Choice did you make? Go make some magic today.  The universe is on your side. 🙂

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