Part 3: The Power of Courage ……………….Discovering your strengths

Excerpt from Bridge of Light

Everytime you act from courage, you strengthen your ability to live by the authority of your own soul.”

LaUna Huffines

Since courage seems to be the thread that ties authenticity together, I thought I would offer another video treat.

The Power of Courage.  This is the Remedy.

 But what is it that you are actually applying. Here are 5 ways to overcome fears, take risks and feel like you can allow life to create the magic you want.

1) Letting go and letting flow comes with the ability to allow life. The art of allowing is a mystery to many humans. That would require us to feel our emotions. Allowing ourselves to be ok with feelings that might be uncomfortable for others around.“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

2) Reflect in your life on moments when you took steps of courage. Look for the turning points in your life. Those defining moments that you’ll never forget. Was it a move to a new city, a new career, having a baby, learning to drive, learning to ride a bicycle, going to college. Remember when you did take the risks. Write down what you remembered about it. What positive thing came from it? And believe you can do it again.

3) Understanding the essence of courage will help you see it differently. See it as a combination of wisdom and compassion. When you focus on aspects of these, the ability to lift yourself up and walk through the fear will become much easier. The risk involved when you allow wisdom and compassion to tag team, may feel more powerful than the fear that is gripping you. This becomes a powerful moment that you can be proud of. Welcome it. Do not discourage it.

4) Ask “What would someone who loves themselves do?” and listen. What does your intuition tell you? What would happen if you allow this question to guide you? Would you find yourself doing something different? Would you find that your resistance releases and you no longer see the struggle or the fear? Someone who loves themselves allows a different way of seeing the world. The big, the hard, the crazy, the fast all of a sudden slows down, gets smaller and feels “authentic”. Let that be your new path. Be brave enough to honor yourself in this moment of self-love.

5) Write down what the positive intention is that keeps you hooked. This little exercise has enormous freeing capacity. When you unhook the seed that has held you back, you then find new meaning to your actions and can change your perspective on things.

Each of these steps create opportunities for self-love, for more magic in your life where flowing downstream doesn’t feel so out of control. In fact, the anxious feelings we have are yellow light indicators that we need to pay attention to in this moment. Something doesn’t feel safe, something doesn’t work in my world. These indicators are our bodies “knowing system” for us to pay attention to what is and stop avoiding the “what is”. Our life reflects our emotions. That reflection can only change from the inside out. Remember, no matter where you go, there you are. There is no end of this. That is human suffering and until we learn to dance with it, we will find a way to run from it.

As humans, we always are expanding and evolving. Knowing this, take each moment to try and become engaged in life. Connecting on the inside so you can connect externally with your world and make a difference. Be the courage you want others to be. Be the source of inspiration so others will gain their own confidence. The world changes one person at a time. Why not be the first to try it?

Exercise in Part 2 of video 

I go through an exercise where you want to capture the snapshots in your life where you have a timeline of 5 years ago, now and 6 months from now.  I have 6 statements that you will identify these reflections on.  Take some time to write them down and sit with them.  You will find it shift your perspective for just how courageous you have been.  You can apply this on anything, but the questions I have on the video are a good beginning place.   


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