Part 4: Power of Courage………………………. Building a bridge of light

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“Fear Knocked at the Door, Faith answered, No one was there”.

Marilyn Jennet

We have covered a lot of topic this week and to anchor it, I have a wonderful exercise that I have done many times in many different ways.  It is building a bridge of light to an aspect of yourself that you need to strengthen.  As you watch the video below, you will learn it is a guided meditation that brings strands of light woven together from your heart center to either another person or an action energy to make a bridge to the action you desire.  You will see that you often bring multiple energies for one.   For example, with Courage, you may want wisdom, compassion, and joy to come along strengthening the ability to be courageous in your life.  Each bridge you create for yourself, you gain expansion in new areas of your life.  Things just get easier.  It might not appear immediately for some, while others it’s obvious.  Nonetheless,  you will be surprised at how well you find a relationship with someone does after this.  My personal experience after doing one of these is a complete transformation with another person.  Healing is obvious.  If it’s another person you do this with, you meet them half way on the bridge and talk to them.  If it is with an action energy like understanding, humor, serenity, joy, love, trust, even prosperity,  etc…you walk across the bridge of that energy and feel the support it gives you.  It may be awkward at first, but you will find the strength to do it and reap the benefits for being brave to try it.   Your life matters and its time you take action to make the changes necessary.

Stepping out and willingly saying I have control over a situation is being asked of you.  If it’s forgiveness that you are not very good at, then make a bridge as that for the base bringing along compassion and truth.  This can play out in so many different ways.  The piece that you need is faith in yourself, faith you co-create with others and that your part in this does make a difference.  Faith that you are not alone.  There is no wrong way for this to happen.  It is a profound tool used to expanding yourself into become more of who you are.  I know this works.  I have complete faith in this exercise because I have done many of them as well as others I know.  The results are profound.

Here’s a beautiful example that I will give but will keep the people anynomous, a friend of mine did it with a family member who was in a coma for 4 days and was on life support.  It appeared that there was no chance of any kind of change.  This friend of mine did the exercise and met this person on the bridge giving him permission to die.  We found out the next morning, this person was off life support and feeding himself.  That was 18 years ago and this person is still full of life, passion and purpose. One might see that as a miracle.  I say it means that we are pretty powerful if we allow that part of ourselves to emerge and show up more and more.  Life is to short to live small and hidden. 


Next week I will talk about the Power of Transformation.  The momentum of courage builds and transformation takes place.  It’s pretty magical.  ( I know I use that word alot, magical, but it’s only because there is no other word that fits the description so perfectly.  It is something that transforms before your eyes.  It doesn’t have to be long term.  As you change your perspectives and allow there to be less resistance , things just automatically fall into a new paradigm.  It is that simple.  Your reality no longer supports the old view and therefore a new one must match your new perspectives in life.

Building a Bridge of Light- How to do it.

Read from the book, A Bridge of Light- by LaUna Huffines.


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