Momentum…. The thrill of that “just so moment” at take off.

Lift off

“There is a critical point where life takes off.  A point where lift off exists.  Listening deeply to that voice inside whispering ‘NOW’, that is your lift off.”

Shakti Chionis

Let go and trust that universal spirit is carrying you as you fly.  Your lifes purpose sores and you master your passion and joy.  What you bring to your plate IS unique.  Each person carries a bag of gems.  Polish them, delight in them and share them.  This is YOUR gift to give.  Let yourself be received by those who will embrace you and accept your gifts.

We all teach.  We all live at different levels of consciousness and there is always someone ready to hear your message.


Cycles of giving and receiving exist together.  You can’t inhale without an exhale and you can’t exhale without an inhale.  


What’s stopping you from stepping out?

Noone is watching.  Only you prevent that shift.  Own it!  Walk into it.  Lean into the yes and show up in your life.  

Today is all that matters.  Don’t think, just take inspired action.  I believe in you.

Dare to Live.  Dare to soar.  Dare to take off.  

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