Being Brilliant

Cover of "Brilliance"

Cover of Brilliance

What is the formula for brilliancy?  Is there such a thing?   According to research, we have approximately 150  brilliant life changing thoughts on a daily basis.  That equates to a half a dozen brilliant new life changing thoughts every hour of every day.  They are unique to each of us and create the positive momentum you seek to transform into your authentic self daily!    How does one go about to paying attention to them?  Do you think you are are meant to forget them?  Do you realize how invisible they are to the negative self talk?  Or are they really your intuition telling you exactly what it takes to be extraordinary in your life?

Being brilliant isn’t something that is “out of reach”.    In fact, the definition of brilliance is extreme brightness, exceptional clarity and agility of intellect or invention.  Splendor and magnificence.  With that definition in mind,  “our true nature of who we naturally are without ego in the way” is brilliance.  We all have it.  Remember as a collective, if one person can be it, then we ALL can be it.

The only thing stopping you from it is believing you are NOT it.  Let me ask you this.  Who in your life has told you that you are NOT brilliant?  Be honest.  It’s not a test.  It’s a wake up call.  There isn’t anyone more important in your life then who you really are.  Being brilliant is not unattainable.  In fact, you already have it.  You just might not see it.

So how do we begin to see our brilliance?  How do we start?  And why is it so important to look?

Well to begin with, I think it’s important to accept that our true nature is already there.  Why not start with stating, “I accept brilliance as my divine right”.    Think about it?  Acceptance of who we are is the first step of anything.  Claiming it, we have to allow it and we have to accept it.  If we can’t accept it, then I want you to start writing out today in your allowing journal.  I allow brilliance in my life.  I allow magnificence.  I allow clarity.  I allow my light to shine.  To get past all that resistance, you must allow it.  Remember, allowing IS the key to ending any kind of resistance.  Allowing life is your first step to transformation.  

Next, we work with acceptance.  This is as critical as allowing.  Without acceptance, transformation is not going to happen.  You will find a million reasons WHY you can’t have it.  So, let’s write out a new belief here.  I accept brilliance as my divine right.  I accept clarity as my divine right.  I accept extraordinary as my divine right.  The only person stopping you is you.  Your beliefs are stopping you.  If you want to change, you now have to take inspired action.  You have to take any kind of action.  Action that will bring results.  Action that will inspire you to become more authentic and more true to yourself.  You don’t need courage here.  What you need is a PLAN!  A starting place.   And where is the best place to start?  Good question.  As Pema Chodron states so eloquently, “Start where you are”.

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