I Step out of my way and INVITE magic and miracles in my life today.

Dr. Seuss saying

I am changing this to from Get on your way to Get out of your way.

Wow!  What a concept.  Getting out of our way IS not only a gift for ourselves, but also a brilliant way to allow life to find us!

Removing the obstacles with such a simple statement brings us into alignment with our higher self.  It brings us into alignment with our own power.  It gives us freedom.  The only thing stopping you from getting what you want is, YOU!”

Find time to reflect on this concept.  Believe in yourself, have faith in the unseen and know that the universe has your back!  🙂  

Remember, “Fear knocked at the door, Faith answered, no one was there.” Marilyn Jennet

I have lots of examples of this as of lately.  I just don’t have the time to write more …I will update this story soon enough and then reblog it.  It’s really a great week.


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2 thoughts on “I Step out of my way and INVITE magic and miracles in my life today.

  1. Yes, if only we could realize that every “obstacle” to happiness are results of our own thoughts and believes we would once and for all stop trying to change the outside world;)

  2. Hence also defining happiness. That is SUCH a relative term. I have a written article on it, but need to work it some more. Peace of mind is what I strive for. Then I can watch all the emotions moving and not attach to them with grasping and clinging.

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