Being Present

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My friend Jacob Liberman posted this on Facebook yesterday.  It is from his book (“Wisdom from an Empty Mind”) It doesn’t get any clearer then this.

Past and Present

We are often told that the source of our problems lies in the past, and that if we want to change, we must uncover and understand “what happened.” What we fail to realize is that every moment we spend in the past, we lose in the present! The part of us that “wants to understand” is also the part of us that doesn’t want to change. It uses “understanding” to distract us from being present, where the only real change can occur.

Consider this: Rather than searching your memory for understanding, notice what you are doing in this moment to maintain the presence of your past experiences. Notice that each time you repeat those behaviors, you sign another year’s lease on your old patterns.When presence becomes your life’s priority, however, the exact curriculum needed for transformation is revealed without thought or effort on your part. Old patterns find their own resolution, and you no longer relate to them in the same way. When you are truly present, the past and future dissolve into the here and now.~ ~ ~

Life can never be “the way it used to be.” 
Evolution doesn’t go backwards.

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