Love, Bliss and Happiness


Did you know that your soul is the non physical aspect of your life?  Your breath is your connection to your soul.  It literally fills you up.  There is a symbiosis relationship between your lungs and your soul.  Soul and Source are the same thing.  As your soul breathes out, your physical body breathes it in.  As you breathe  in your soul self, the non physical breathing out, is sending energy back out to the non physical.  This allows expansion.  Information is relayed back to your higher self.

SO in essence, your lungs are being breathed by your soul.

What does this have to do with LOVE?  Being connected to your soul self completes you.  You now have a very full expanded self inner and outer.  This level of connection keeps your heart sustained and fills you up with divine love.  You have an opportunity to walk and share this essence with everyone.

What joy, What bliss, What happiness.  To be connected ALL the time.  That is my opinion of a miracle.  This is something I strive for now.

Learning a new way.  Living a new path.  Living my dreams and walking my passions.


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6 thoughts on “Love, Bliss and Happiness

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  2. What an amazing concept: your breath as the permanent connection to your higher self.
    So simple so obvious and we still are rarely aware of it.

  3. I know! I was blown away when I learned about this. It was very exciting for me because I could see that the key to staying connected is really all about the breath. When we panic and are afraid, if we can just find a breath in, we will be ok. I wrote a very inspiring post about the breath actually.

    I just love that you dialogue with me. I really appreciate it.

  4. I thought I read all of your past posts, but somehow I must have missed this one.

    Yes it is all so obvious: spirit (from the Latin spiritus: breath, breathing), spirituality, inspiration, being inspired etc. all point to the same thing: a connection between the physical, three dimensional world and a non-physical higher dimension.

    And it all leads to the last sentence in your post:
    “It seems like bliss is already here, just allow it.”

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