Open the Door


Inside my loving heart, there is a door.  She says it’s closed, but ‘I’ know it’s not.  But who can help her open it.  Who can open it for her?  

Inside the heart lies a secret story.  We all carry it.

It is crucial that we all decode this message.  For you see, it is the joyful heart that thrives in contageous ways.  The transmission of joy has a ripple effect.  This is great but  we must open the door of the secret passage way in the heart to find abundance.  To thrive in love, in light and in joy.

This door represents the passage of life through decades of resistance that has held us back.  We must open and turn our lives into meaning.  Willingly step into creation of joyful spirit.  Eating our fruits of abundance, catering to the music of life.  Each and every soul sings its own song.  The sweet melody lingers of each soul’s journey back to our heart-felt life.  We each dance our song.  We pray for peace and reach out to each other and carry on.  Loneliness dissipates and echoes of grief have vanished.

Life is new.

Life is viewed differently now.  The heart essence lives in all of us.  This is my secret to tell.  It is my journey and I am willing to step into my life.  The door closes behind me.  I say goodbye to the years lost.  For really, in truth, nothing lost and nothing gain is the ultimate view.

I am back home.

Copyright © September 2013.  All rights reserved.

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