Taming the Inner Critic


“Don’t believe everything you think.”

Pema Chodron

“I hate myself”, “I’m fat,” “I’m ugly”, “I can’t learn anything.”, I’m not good enough.”

 These are just a handful of the hundreds of messages we subconsciously tell ourselves.  We are consumed by negative thoughts, on a daily, hourly and even moment to moment basis for years and years.  

Our habitual tendencies are made into a record, a track, a groove in our brain that plays endlessly in our head.

No wonder when we have a happy, positive or joyful thought we dismiss it so quickly.  Our wiring is so programed to do so.   How do we overcome this obstacle?  What can we do today to make a shift to allow ourselves a way to tame our inner critic.  What would someone who loves themselves do?

Here are 4 ways to begin:

* Daily Affirmations

* Meditation- label- watching the mind.

*Reciting mantras or chanting sounds and even singing to align oneself with your true nature.

*Breathing Exercises- learn how to become more present and entrain with nature.


When it comes to reprogramming the mind, you have to want it bad enough to take the action necessary.  Because when you are facing your mind, there is no mercy.  Your ego wants to win.  You have to really make an effort to practice.  Set a timer to go off throughout the day as a reminder to practice one of these tips.  Kind of like a set point to be mindful for a moment in your day where you are on automatic pilot.  It’s a moment where you can connect and ground….in case you had forgotten and disconnect.


Set aside time in the morning or evening to journal your thoughts down as to what your resistance is.  We all have possible intentions hooking us in the crazy monkey mind of ours.  Sometimes when we begin a new practice, our awareness shines new light and it may appear that you have even more thoughts.  Don’t be alarmed.  This is natural.  Sometimes when we look through water in a pond, if the rocks and sand stir up, it’s all muddy and cloudy.  We can’t see a a thing until the sediment settles to the bottom again.  Our thoughts are like this too.  It requires settling the mind to have the insight and clarity.

It’s all in the practice, which with then allow our positive life changing thoughts space to be heard.  They are telling us they want to be seen.  

What is stopping you from taking the first step? 

I believe it’s possible.  Start now.  That’s all we have.  Later never comes.  Change is in the thoughts of here and now.

I wrote this 3 months ago when I had an “attack of my inner critics”.  I realized today in a conversation that I have not had any inner critics in my head for the last 6 weeks at least.  I can’t believe I just realized this.  The 6 weeks to magic...yup, all that writing I did.  I have transformed my thought forms.  I have created a different soil in my mind.  One that is clean and beautiful.  Not tainted with all the belief systems  from all the generations passed on or from in-utero where  your mother possibly suffered from low self esteem or other negative thought forms or depression.  Truly truly remarkable.  I feel this is a profound gift and a miracle in my new life.  I have freed up so much in my body.  

I hope this gives you hope.  If you haven’t started doing the 6 weeks of writing, I would highly recommend it.  If you haven’t started asking yourself “What would someone who loves themselves do?”  I would start now.  For every time you ask the question, you get to experience a new reality.  Each time you change your perspective (even in the smallest way), you set forth on a whole new world of different thought forms to come.   Isn’t that what we are aiming for?  To find relief?  I know for me, relief has been one of the best outcomes by far.  I feel truly blessed.


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3 thoughts on “Taming the Inner Critic

  1. Three weeks into the “6 weeks to magic” writing assignment, I can only confirm what you say and recommend this to EVERYBODY!
    It is the same with everything in life: the more often we do or think the same thing, the better we get at it, as you say, we get into the groove.
    If our old habits of thoughts and believes do not lead to the results that we want, there is no other way than to change them. And this writing targets our subconscious mind (the “soil of our mind”), the only place where change can start.
    And yes, at the beginning I probably had a similar expression on my face as Bart in the picture, but by now I am actually starting to enjoy the daily writing session…;)

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