“Believe in the infinite possibilities.”

Trust that all the answers to our secrets lie within.


I want to share exciting news.  Today is a very special moment for me.  I’ve actually have had a chalk-full of magic this week.  It truly has been one thing after another.  I have been touched by many people and I am feeling a lot of blessings.  I submitted an article in Tiny Buddha back in July.  It was something I wrote back in May when I just started.  I found out tonight that it was being published now.  Here is the link for it.

  The Power of Failure:  We Get to Decide what Failure Means.

What’s interesting is, I haven’t read it in a few months.  I have changed so much since I wrote that.  And all because of one question.   “What would someone who loves themselves do?”  One simple question is transforming me in every way. It is incredible to take it all in when I reflect back to where I was a year ago.  I read this article again (as I haven’t in awhile) and it still brings tears to my eyes.

Please take a moment and read it.  It is worth being reminded again….and again….and again… 🙂

I will continue my new mantra:

I step out of my way and RECEIVE magic and miracles in my life today.

Thank you all for cheering me on here.



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4 thoughts on “Believe

  1. Congratulations Shakti!!! I am sure your article on “Tiny Buddha” will bring even more people to your blog so your wonderful messages will spread more and more…

    It’s funny this “inner critic” the “ego mind” will probably always try to convince us that something is wrong, that we have not quite made it, that other people are better off, that we are separate from everything and everybody and that our job here is to fight for our interests and to make sure we survive.
    But the closer we look at those stories, the more ridiculous they get and we end up just laughing at them and we become free and open for all the gifts that lie in every moment;)

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