Choices we make all day long.


Is it me or is it life?  We are faced with choices all the time.  We get so much stimuli and then have to make the best or the right choice in just about everything we do from our own health, to our kids to our work world and on and on it goes. 

How does one go about making the best or right choice in life?  Perhaps there is a different vantage point on this.  Perhaps surrendering to more of the basic choices and allowing the universe to offer you the best choice for your highest good will ease off some of the burden. 

What if everyday you said a prayer and asked Divine Intelligence to supply you with the best choices for you every day and in every way that makes your life move with ease, balance and perfect health?  What if you asked to have your families protected and nourished and remove any obstacles that help maintain the best of integrity for the collective whole (yourself and your family) each and every day in every way? 

This is what I call Grace.  This is what I call surrendering to a higher power and allowing your life to flow effortlessly.  We all try too hard.  We all try to control too much.  We all have some aspect of our life that is brimmed to the top of “too much”.  Too much stimuli, too many choices, too much stuff.

My favorite one of course is becoming “What would someone who loves themselves do?”  Because I don’t have to decide, it’s already decided for me.  It’s one step to easing off the control.  I imagine there will be a point that I don’t even ask that question anymore because the foundation of self-love will be living and thriving in me with the universe taking care of my choices.  Trusting and building a life that is full of ease, joy, laughter and definitely more play and purpose.  Let the hard work go and do light work now.  Your brain and body does plenty for you.  Give it some freedom and let the universe do the work.  You will enjoy the magic as it unfolds.  

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