Breaking Free


Breaking Free….

What am I breaking free of?  My old beliefs?  My fears?

 Walking into the unknown?  Being hurt?


How does one make that leap of faith?  Making that break onto the “other side”?  Is it really “outside” of myself or is it inside?  If I am to break free of my fears on receiving love, being vulnerable, believing in my potential, accepting what is, all the hang ups I could possibly see or have  .  If I am to break free of my attachments to safety?  I must be willing to have more than enough faith that all is ok.  That I will be ok.  That I AM ok.  That I will not die!  Wow, that is some powerful shit!  lol

Seriously, how many of us have the guts to break free into what we must break through to get where we know want to be.  How many of us have the courage and the strength to ‘JUST DO IT’?  Well, all I can say is, THIS is my time. THIS is my week.  THIS is my life.  I am sitting at that edge and looking at the big vast cavern below me and hearing loud and clear “JUMP”.  I am facing my self internally and being told ‘JUST DO IT’.  And to take a big breath in and dive down.

I will let you all know how it went.  I will maintain my belief “I step out of my way and RECEIVE magic and miracles in my life today.”

So, the only question left is, do I close my eyes when I jump or do I keep them open?

2 thoughts on “Breaking Free

  1. Yes, if our “True Self” is eternal and does not die, what is there left to fear?
    Enjoy your jump (and it will probably be more fun, if you keep your eyes open….;)).

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