If I wasn’t afraid?….


What would you do?

Look here to find out what women around the world are saying.  It will really inspire you.  http://ifuwerentafraid.tumblr.com/

This is a really powerful question, isn’t it?  

If I wasn’t afraid, I would start flying again.  Enjoy traveling again. 
If I wasn’t afraid, I would ride horses.  

If I wasn’t afraid, I would stop running from myself.  I would trust life more.  I would trust people more.  I would allow for more life to be lived inside of me.  

If I wasn’t afraid, I would be vulnerable more often with the right people.
If I wasn’t afraid, I would play and laugh more.

If I wasn’t afraid, I would find my voice and speak when it’s most important.

If I wasn’t afraid, I would change my world.

And that is what I am doing this year with asking myself “What would someone who loves themselves do?”  I am finding my courage, my joy, my laughter, my way through it all so that I can let go and find peace inside.  I am letting myself learn what ease and grace look like.  I am walking the path of least resistance.

Please share in the comments below what you would do.  It might just change your life.

Watch here to learn more about this amazing project.

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3 thoughts on “If I wasn’t afraid?….

  1. If I wasn’t afraid, I would be the most authentic “me” possible. And that would make the biggest difference not only to myself, but to every single person around me. And I would venture to say that this statement holds true for every single person on this Earth 😉 Thank you for the insightful observation and best wishes for an inspired weekend!

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