The Art of Seeing


“People have a hard time letting go of their suffering.  Out of fear of the unknown, they prefer suffering that is familiar.”  

Thich Nhat Hanh

This view of ours.  This perception of ours.  We claim it as our truth.  We believe it.  We share our views.  Sometimes on a soap box, and others quiet and intimate.  Never for a moment, thinking what we see or speak of is false information.  As children we are talking parrots regurgitating what we learn.  We start out life  in a place of acceptance of all until we begin thinking for ourselves.

This wake up call.  Waking us up.  Our memory, our views, our beliefs.  We live in many layers and many veils.  Non of them are true and all of them are true.  They are all true in our moments of paradigms.  They are all true in our vibration.  Our vibration….not others, but ours.  Our vibration is NOT everyone’s.  Everyone lives in their own vibration.  SO truly, it is a bubble that we all live in.  To pop our bubble, would be shattering for some and liberating for others.

Life is perceived in consciousness’.  Because of this, it is IMPOSSIBLE to see it ALL, in our views.  We will be seeing it muddled or a puddle of “OTHERS”.  Our parents voice in our head, our spouses voices in our heads, our children’s voices in our heads.  None of these silent our mind so that we may see “Just who we are”.

This is truly what enlightenment is.  Understanding, and separating out the concepts of all the “truths” that are out there and not believing that you are any of them.  Not believing that there is a clinging of any of them.  .  The “I” no longer runs or dictates in a way that holds separate views.  We break free of old patterns, habits and beliefs.  How many times have you had just enough of a crack in your perception that opens a new door to a whole new way of seeing?  Unfortunately, this whole new way of seeing is yet again, another “platform of duality”.  Sometimes we will have profound moments that we may really believe that what we are experiencing is our true self.  Most often than not, when this happens, it is non-conceptual.    And even then, the Buddha I’m sure will have a teaching and say, that this is not enlightenment.  Even if it FEELS like it is.  There are so many subtle layers to get to enlightenment, we can only aspire to attain it, unless we strip our external lives apart and retreat for years with guidance and a map of how to attain enlightenment.  For the rest of us, who do we rely on with our map?  Who is guiding us?  If the answer is no one, then consider finding someone to bring inspiration and a path into your daily life.  Suffering is often viewed as a dog chasing its own tail.  Don’t be THAT dog. 

I have had the opportunity to meet several enlightened beings.  To be in their world, in their mandala, is remarkable.  You feel ageless, timeless and have a tremendous amount of inner peace.  Of course, I am sure if they wanted me to dive deep into some habits that needed breaking, my stuff would have easily come up.  But that happens usually AFTER I have spent time with them.

My point to all of this jibber jabber is, try to soften your views, letting go of what you think is “right” or what you think is “true”.  The ego does it’s best to win.  The ego does it’s best to not be a team player.  When this happens, you don’t allow new possibilities, new views.  And as a whole, non of us culturally see that we are truly in the same boat.  Everyone has labeled their own boats making sure that there is separation everywhere.  And we are as barbaric as we all began.  Now it’s just sugar-coated with the finer things that money can buy.

As we head into fall, the days get darker and for some, this means that they feel the heaviness, the darkness, the aloneness.  This is especially true for me.  Ever since living in the Northwest, my years of feeling the effects of daylight savings and my mind crumbling in on itself seem to go hand in hand.  

This post is a gentle reminder to go easy on yourself.  Be gentle, kind and patient as you take the inward journey of seeing your light.  It may feel a bit brighter as you see it and scare you, or it may bring you the relief you have been waiting for.  Which ever it is, fall is a decomposing time of the year.  Grief is in the air as the summer dies away and brings the harsher weather for many.  Of course, you may be living on another continent and are emerging from the darkness into the light bringing renewed growth.  For me, this has been a tough week.  I find myself weeping more, feeling more and on edge more.  The edge of my breakthroughs, the edge of my veils, the edge of my light burning brighter and maybe burning me up a little.  I am doing my best to look for solutions, be moment to moment and accept what is, forgive more and let go and allow more.  


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