Goddess of Magic

goddess of magic

I let the universe flow.  I let go and let flow. 

I allow my life to move freely.  I am the goddess of magic. 

I am the universal light of hope and faith.

I let go and let the universe flow in peace.  
I am divinely gifting the way,  the way,  the way.

In my world I love to dance.  I love to dream and I love to prance. 

In my world I make laughter and joy. 

I find the way and move freely to be in the world. 

I open my eyes and light shines out.
I open my heart and my spirit soars. 

I shine in the world and I am  myself. 

I laugh and I dance to the song of my dreams. 

I let the universe move through me.  
I let the universe lift my wings.

I let the love in me guide my dreams, for I am the goddess of magic.



Copyright © 2013.  October.  All rights reserved.  Written on the Full Moon October 18, 2013, eclipse in Aires.