Heartfelt Beauty


UPDATE:  Ok, because of this post, I believe the promotional phone call I got from the Seattle Symphony today was a gift or a thank you for appreciating my post.  🙂  I just purchased a really great gift for my husband.  However, he had to know about it before I could give it to him because it required him helping me pick out the concerts.  I officially will be seeing at least 5 more symphonies between now and July.  That was a sweet moment.

What I wanted to share however was this youtube I found of this Tchaikovsky quartet.  It is as best a recording that I have found that matches the heart driving the music similar to what we heard.   I just am in love with this piece.  Listen Here.  It’s exciting to hear it again.  Enjoy.

It wasn’t that long ago that I felt lost to the beauty around me.  The cloak of fall rest deep on my chest.  Then with the excessive nature of busyness, birthdays and holidays, once again I found the noose around my sense of beauty strangling those moments that meant something as well.

However, last night I had a moment where I could really sit and open, and even witness the magic of great beauty.  I was one of the lucky ones last night to see the holiday performance at the Seattle Symphony.  Emma McGrath , a brilliant violinist graced the stage with her essence.  She is currently one of  Seattle symphony associate Concertmaster.  She is a young woman, and has performed all around the world (China, Russia, Israel, Malaysia, UK, Europe and all around the US).   At age 10, she began her debut on stage.

The Second piece of the night was Tchaikovsky’s Souvenir de Florence, Op. 70.  Much to our surprise it was a sextet.  The dance of the 2 cellos, 2 violas and 2 violins graced the hall with majesty.  It felt as if they were channeling Tchaikovsky and performing with such intimacy, delighted the crowd with a roaring cheer breaking the trance they were seduced into.

It was profound.  Emma’s gifts transcended as I was so moved with her ability to make her violin sing, as if it were an extension from her throat.  It was astonishing.  My heart was truly filled with great beauty.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, we then listened to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.  With a small chamber assemble (approximately 16 musicians), that enchanted us as Vivaldi’s world came alive and painted a colorful piece full of passion, whispers, dancing and bountiful joy.

It will be one of my symphonic memories I will always remember.