Wrap Your arms in True Love

“I am in the perfect place relative to everything, even relative to self-love.”

Abraham Hicks

Abraham Hicks on Love and self-love

“Source is loving you with everything that it is and of course it is the quest that you are most wanting to answer and can be the most uncomfortable thing you have not achieved and want to achieve, even moment to moment.

Source wants to say the love you hold for yourself is enough.  It’s the perfect love under the conditions you are living.  It is enough.  Where you are on your path is JUST RIGHT I am right on track.  Source is always patient and loving me.”

Watch and listen to this powerful video and let it be a balm that soothes your soul.  Soothes your heart and listen deeply.  It is speaking directly to you.  Take it inside and hold it in the most precious part of your being and say, I am enough.  I am willing to let this wrap around me as true love is already here.  I haven’t missed anything.  True love is sitting patiently waiting for me to embrace and open to the flow in all that is even moment to moment.

We are all creating a masterpiece.  Let the canvas of your life be filled with joy.  And remember, it is a practice.  Love the process and you have arrived.

Merry Christmas.

xoxo, Shakti



2 thoughts on “Wrap Your arms in True Love

  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video!
    Abraham has been one of my inspirations for some time now.
    It almost seems like a paradox: on one hand we constantly strive for perfection and expansion caused by comparison and contrast and on the other hand we are told that perfect love is already present in each and every moment;)

    Merry Christmas to you!

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