Daring Greatly- Embracing your Critics


Brene Brown never ceases to amaze me.  Her continuous heartfelt talks to share just exactly what we are all hiding is very real and precious.  We are all looking to dare greatly, but only some of us are brave enough to get our ass kicked.  Only some of us are willing to be vulnerable.  And only a handful are willing to surrender to our inner critic and know it’s just a voice and not who we really are.

Watch this talk and see just how we all do what she is talking about.  You will not only feel better to see that you are perfectly beautiful as you are, but that you are brave enough to live your life daring greatly. How awesome is that?

Brene Brown- Watch video here.


xoxox, Shakti

3 thoughts on “Daring Greatly- Embracing your Critics

  1. Thanks for sharing this link Shakti!
    It’s just hilarious, we “get our asses kicked” by OURSELVES no matter what we do (even when we don’t show up, for not showing up). It’s a game that our minds play as long as we don’t accept and love EVERY aspect of our uniqueness. We are the only species on the planet, that believes we have to be a certain way (that society and our culture dictate to us). But the universe is all about uniqueness (there are not even two sand grains that are exactly the same) and this is the very thing that makes us and the whole creation so divine;)

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