The All is Well Game


So, I have now had a second round of sickness.  Last week I was hit with a flu for 3 days and thought…All is well, we can move on.  But no!  My husband had to leave town for the week, and the panic and depression came weighing heavily over my head.  I was present to it and reached out and told 2 people.  I was so proud of myself for shining a light on it so it wouldn’t take over.

However, I was swept away with sickness number 2.  Tuesday night the horrible sore throat came.  Then Wed, the fever came again and by Wed night it felt like an ear infection.  On Thursday, I was a wreck.  My lymph gland on my left side was on fire.  Literally!  On Friday I knew my ear needed to be checked, but I didn’t expect the vertigo to take off so early in the morning.  OMG, there are no words to describe it.  I had a friend drive me to a walk in clinic because my doctor was booked full.  My ear is very swollen, but I hadn’t looked in a mirror to see how bad it was.

So…is it cellulitis or is it Shingles.  Oy!  Back home to bed and fever was up again.  I did manage an acupuncture session to clear some heat.  Started medicine, and today the rash moved to 1/3 of my face….sweet, NOT.

Tonight was our second attempt to go to the symphony, since we missed last weeks due to the kids being sick.  At 3:30, as husband and older son were heading out the door, I called into the on call doctor and emailed a photo of my ear.  She said to go to the ER.  And so I went.

Date night in the ER, the baby sitter was already coming, right?  There was a seahawks game and apparently we timed it perfectly  and there was no one waiting in the waiting room.  10 min from door to bed.  They took one look at me and knew just how sick I was.  They wanted me to get in a bed ASAP.  I got a nice quiet room and I got 4 hrs of peace and quiet while I was hydrated and given antibiotics for treating Cellulitis….,which by the way is life threatening.  Great.

So last night at bedtime I asked what the karma ripening in my lymphatic gland was all about.  What represented that much fire.  I heard loud and clear, FAMILY HATRED.  I laughed and asked which family?  LOL  My parents and sister family.  So, I am excited to say that I am practicing and asking for help in releasing the hatred in exchange for inner peace.  And opening up to receiving love.  There is a bread crumb trail that was made from last Sunday to the fever hitting.  I can see what my heart protector is pushing me into healing.  I know exactly why I am where I am and where ALL is Well comes in.

While I was getting my drip, this is what I watched.  I thought it was very funny to see.

Louise Hayes starts off a week special they are doing.  This is a video of her “All is Well” clinic.

Watch Video hear.  Not sure how long it will be posted but it is up now.

With that being said,

I accept perfect health as my divine right.  🙂  All is well.  I have no fever FINALLY and I have medicine that I am grateful for.  I have been so sick this week, so now I will say I am so well.  I have much work to be done here.

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