Spiritual Metamorphosis


I am finding a light within the dark.

Ease in the ache.

Lessons I have yearned for and have avoided at the same time.

The duality of shame hides in shadow and leaves a footprint with each day that passes in my life.

Today something profound has shifted within me. An opening of worthiness came to life and a profound healing like a balm has soothed a deep place within me. I am capable of believing I am worthy of everything. Just like when I did an allowing journal, I spent the morning speaking a worthy list. I recited everything over and created hundreds of things I am worthy of. Each phrase sank deep into my cells and into my heart. I opened up to it and I am receiving it. It was truly a lifetime moment where it all came in.

Feeling deep heartfelt gratitude this morning. I am coming out of my cocoon I have been in. Words, expression, movement and ease are flowing. I am thrilled to be here today.   May everyday just get better and better. 

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Metamorphosis

  1. Love to you, dearest Shakti! Thank you for sharing your very personal journey … and the resulting quite lovely paintings! ~ Sarah

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