Happy Valentine’s Day


How could I not write something today. A blog about self-love is a Valentine’s Day special. 🙂

First an update on the health of our family. Well, it turned out that everyone but me was hit with the norovirus the last week. I am so grateful that I did NOT get it. (I paid my dues in January…Whew!) Let’s just say we are ready for spring. We are ready for some fun and we are ready for moving into better health. I have taken care of enough sick to last a long long time.

Tomorrow night, I am heading to another symphony. It’s is our 4th attempt here…..crossing fingers that we will actually make it.

Self- Love and Valentine’s. What do they have in common? Well, cherishing yourself is a good start. Doing something to make yourself happy. I could write a long list of how to love yourself, but Louise Hay already beat me too it! She has a lovely list of affirmations that I will share with a wonderful message that is worthy of posting again. Thank you Louise for being such an amazing and inspiring woman. Here’s what she wrote.

“It’s hard for other people to love you when you don’t love yourself. Even if someone else does love you, you’re most likely to discount it by wondering, How could they love me? What do they see in me? When you don’t love yourself, it’s hard to believe that you deserve good things in life. Therefore, you miss out on the abundance that’s available to you.

 Here’s my Valentine to you: Stop criticizing yourself—now and forevermore. Love and accept yourself as you are right now. When you do, you’ll blossom in ways that you can’t even imagine. Love will heal you, I promise. Your love for yourself will work miracles in your life.”

Here are 10 affirmations to help you love yourself and bring more love into your life.

1. I choose to see clearly with eyes of love. I love what I see.

2. Love happens! I release the desperate need for love, and instead, allow it to find me in the perfect time.

3. Love is around every corner, and joy fills my entire world.

4. Today, I remember that Life loves me and will reward me.

5. Life is very simple. What I give out comes back to me. Today I chose to give love.

6. I rejoice in the love I encounter every day.

7. I am surrounded by love. All is well.

8. I am comfortable looking in the mirror and saying, “I love you. I really love you.”

9. I draw love and acceptance into my life, and I accept it now.

10. Love is all there is!  

Happy Valentine’s Day.  xoxo~ Shakti