Happiness 101


“When we appreciate the good, the good appreciates.”

Tal Ben-Shahar gives a remarkable presentation on happiness.

Watch Video here.

Do we give ourselves permission to be human?

Do we give others permission to be human?

Do we accept our intense emotions?

Are we lazy?  Are we active?  How do we handle stress?

Do we give ourselves time to replenish?  Do we simplify when the “busyness” gets out of control?

Are we savoring what is in the moment?

Do we meditate?  Do you practice cultivating gratitude?

3 deep breaths….

Real change only comes with action.

Applying ourselves through action.



This is my life.  The awareness to it all and yet, watching this brought me  a heavy heart.  Knowing and applying are very different concepts.  I am actually applying myself in a lot of areas, but like with anything, once you know better, you want to do better.  There lies the problem.  I know better and yet, I am unable to do better.  Why?  Because I still rely on outside influences to the degree that keep me from the self-care I really need.   With little ones, it’s just impossible to have any kind of flow to my day.  So really it’s about not being attached and going with what shows up.  But my basic needs don’t get met and then I lose ground on the “doing better when I know better”.  

Finding balance with a family is an art and I can see I have lots of learning in this arena.  Today, showing up was enough.  I can accept that.  Baby steps…it’s the best I can do today.  

xoxo,  Shakti



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