10 Months….Wow!



“A Journey of a 1,000 miles must always begin with a single step.”

And with that single step, we never know where the end is.  That place we call “the unknown” or  “mystery” is where we are heading, but only by starting and being available to show up in life, do we realize that moment is “right now.”  What we think of as over there, is really inside us and not anywhere else.  Every step is our “right now”.  Every step that we dare greatly and show up with, we are changing our destiny.  We have no idea where we are heading when we take that first step, we just know we have to start.

 Transformation ALWAYS takes place on the inside before it shows up on the outside.

It’s really amazing to me that it’s been 10 months.  Mostly because when I think what can be accomplished in 10 months doesn’t seem like a long time, but in actuality, it is quite a long time for me.

 Time and space are phenomenons.  We perceive them in linear time, when they really don’t exist in that fashion, but our minds perceive them that way.  It’s not easily understood what non linear time means.  I have had many occasions to experience non linear and it’s always incredible to believe when it happens.  My weirdest one I think was when I had a fever one time a few years ago.  I remember laying in bed sleeping and I must have gone into a dream.  The dream felt so real though.  It was experienced as a very long time and when I pulled out of it only an hour had passed and I thought it had been at least a day in a half.  I was very confused.

When it comes to healing the heart and mind, time can prove so differently.  When healing occurs, the subconscious allows for the natural flow of grace and miracles to continue to pour in.  And when it does, nothing appears the same, does it?  Life feels richer and honestly, I can not imagine what is in store for me.  I know it’s big…..

As I move into the home stretch of my year with only 2 months to go, I can honestly say I have mixed feelings about having done this challenge for a year.  I am still aware of the resistance I have for my relationship with my family and my husband, but I am making progress.  New thoughts are generating new patterns and new space to be created and with that healing is happening….but it feels very slow.  There was a lot in my heart that needed to “bleed” out in tears.  I feel I have made a healthy turning point. Phew….  I don’t think the last 4 months are my “normal”.   It has been intense.  This really has been brought about because of the commitment I have made.  Because of it, I feel the “no turning back” part has been exhausting since I’m not at the destination  that’s waiting for me.  So it is with the concept ” A journey of a 1,000 miles begins with the first step”.

It really is a journey, one with obstacles, winding roads and breathtaking  vistas.  Some days I  feel it is endless in sight.  Over the last month, I have been pushing forward with the “brave and scared” and “brave and bold” as if one foot is strong and saying YES! and the other foot is weaker saying, “Do I have to?”.  This is life and this is by far the most understanding I have to feeling it all and doing it anyway.

I have much going on behind the scenes that I have not revealed.  I have been holding many surprises back.  My apologies, but that really is how one holds the energy of creation to bring it to life without dissipating it’s forces before its time to come out of the dark.  Over the next couple of months, I will be showing you what I am talking about.  How I have made steps forward in showing up and daring greatly.

If all goes well, I will have much of it out in the open by the end my years commitment (which is May 5th).  With all the “behind the scenes” that I have been doing, I have not been writing so much.  I can only allocate my time/energy/brain to so many things and I have had to be present with what keeps showing up for me.  I am sorry to not open up just yet.  All good and great things have their time and space for when they arrive.

You will not be disappointed though.  🙂