Aligning with Ones Purpose

Welcome Spring

Magic is in the air.  Answered prayers, as my therapist is saying, creating miracles for me.

In the wake of my life, I am always amazed how these moments that I call “aligning with my purpose” show up.   I never know when they are going to happen, but they do happen and when they do, It FEELS AMAZING.  I feel complete.  I feel like my life is absolutely amazing and that I am very lucky.

I think the connection to source or truth brings us that experience of alignment.  As I continue with my “What would someone who loves themself do?” daily asking, I find that my life flows really well now.  The question is back (fully) and why it left for a few months is beyond my understanding.  I went deep into some heavy purification and the clarity was just unavailable.  Or perhaps when one is cocooning, there isn’t any outside access and I was really just having to work with all the stuff that came up for me.  And of course, being a snake year, there has to be a shedding the skin that happens.  So perhaps that explains something.

I am currently in my new skin and LOVING what is being created.  I am focused with much purpose and responsibility with where I am heading and what I want to make of myself in life.  After all, isn’t that what started this mission.  To become who I have always believed I am meant to be.  And so walking in my authenticity is feeling safer and stronger.  I am still a baby, but the crawling phase is a lot more fun then not moving at all.  New Beginnings are everywhere.

With that in mind, I want to share one of my new beginnings that has created itself.  I am very excited to share my artwork in a way that you (my readers) have access to enjoy it in your homes and offices, or perhaps even gift them.  My artist website was recently born a few weeks ago.  I have both photographs and artwork (watercolor and mixed media).  You can buy prints of all sizes, buy them on canvas, metal, acrylic and even print them on different papers (including watercolor paper).  You can get gift cards and even iPhone cases for some of the images.  It is VERY fun for me to see my artwork like this.  I even want to buy!  LOL  Just so I can cover my walls.  Some of the originals are for sale and will be mentioned if available.

Please Visit:

Shakti’s Soul Expressions

In honor of the Spring Equinox, I am promoting a special one time offer limited offer for this print above on this page titled “Welcome Spring.

 View here to see my SPECIAL.  (expires 3/26/14 @ 8pm)

As a gift to you, I am offering a 15% discount for the first 48 hours from today.  This is for ALL of my paintings.

Please use coupon code: ZYYBGG

When checking out, you will have a place to enter it.  Fine Arts America will ship ANYWHERE in the world.  Yup…it’s available to you anywhere you live, so please find a print that calls to you and buy it.  Each painting has a vibration that adds to any space the joy and delight it brings.

Please share this with everyone you know.  Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and email.  What makes me so happy about it is that I feel like it allows me to really share a part of me with you.

The next few surprises will be coming very soon.  I have been incredibly lucky to feel so much purpose in my life.  Of course, we all know that “Luck” is really all about application and doing the work.  The unfolding of 2014 has been revealing itself to me recently and I can see just how much work I have done to get here.  My foundation of self-love is clearly being built.  

Magic and Miracles…..xoxo, Shakti

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