Happy 4th of July






“Sharing is Caring”

~ Winnie the Pooh


Today my family spent the day at a 4th of July parade spreading happiness, support and caring.  Laura Lavigne, devoted to her Happiness Sprinkling project has made her way (or her cards) across the country on street corners letting people know that “Everything is ok”, “You are Enough”, “Sure you Can”, and dozen of other messages sprinkling happiness to the crowds.  My son above, in the above photo purposely chose this sign.  “Share Your Happy”….  What does sharing your happy look like to you?  Is it an intimate moment with a loved one?  A group of friends hanging out or spending time with your family.

We each have moments where we can choose to share our happy or we can stay hidden or isolated behind our computer/iPhones.  Take time this weekend to share your joy, your happiness and see how “You are the Good News” in someone’s life today.



We ALL Matter.  It’s true.  You are no different.  Yup, you matter…..  Please share this on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Medias.  It just may change someones day.



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