I am back….mostly.


“My most honest teachers I have.  So many gifts they bring into the world”.

My apologies to my disappearing act.  I went on a well needed personal retreat and then our family took a trip to the Grand Tetons in Wyoming and then to Yellowstone.  I have come back more restored for sure.  Although, driving 2 days with 2 small kids in a Honda Civic may not be exactly what re-entry looks like from a week off in retreat.  It was definitely a pop quiz.  As I settle more and define my new school year schedule, I will be posting more.  At some point over the next few months, I am attempting to move everyone over to my websites blog (which is the same) so I don’t have to do double entries.  But my learning curve is still new and I have plenty on my plate for sure.

My new moto…I am aiming for the remaining of the year.  LESS is MORE…  We shall see.  I have a lot of goodies to share, a lot of funny stories hopefully to tell about our trip and some brilliant new photos to add to my artist’s website.  As well as more paintings.  I just need the time and space to add them.

My retreat was remarkable.  I found a language that washed over me and through me.  I have much clarity and much joy that a bridge has been made for my marriage, my children and my life’s work.  I find it amazing that it has been now 3 months past my 1 year commitment.  The question of “What would someone who loves themselves do?” is very near and dear to me and it also does not control my everyday life.  I have learned quicker techniques to help me access the same and over time I will share those as well.  In the meantime, I will be transitioning back into home and then my kids start school after Labor Day.  I will have different hours as I will actually have time for myself….thank goodness.




These photos were taken at the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.  Copyright 2014 August.  Do not use without permission.

5 thoughts on “I am back….mostly.

  1. The photos are outstanding! Your boys are growing into handsome young men, especially Gus. You must be very proud. I would love to know more about the retreat you went to. I’d love to do something like that, but wouldn’t know where to begin to find one. Welcome back.

  2. Over the next few months I will share much about it in various topics. There will be more of these retreats and I will post soon. Yes, my boys are growing up. A new chapter has begun for all of us.

  3. Well, we moved the boys into one room (because on this trip they slept together the whole time and NOW is the time to move them into one room) and it appeared to have worked! Whew….gotta love how potty training changes everything. So much gratitude there. I get to have a room freed up in the house and have a play room/craft room/messy close the door so no one sees it room. WHILE the rest of the house can function with more breathing space. Will it play out that way, we shall see. I have new tricks up my sleeve. 🙂

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