Just write she say’s….Just write!

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Everyday I am trying to find the step back into my blog.  I really have so much to share.  And yet, to maintain balance, I have to be honest with myself and not perform honesty.  There is no way to do it all.  I’m not even trying.  It is so frustrating.  I love feedback also, so if you would like to have more input with things that I am doing.

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My goals are:  

1)  Post once a week

2) Pre-launch my book this fall (Because my book is here!)

3) Do a painting art project called “Celebrating my Life”…your very own book of your core essences that honor who you are.  

4) Share what I am up to for my own healing.  I have stepped it up and it’s really working!

5)And finally, just inspire.  Whether it’s through words or art, I offer inspiration and encouragement.  Even when I’m in the crazy chaos of my life.  Oh the stories…last weeks was a doozy.  

I want to hear from you all.  Feedback is so very helpful.  Thank you for joining me on my Facebook page. But I will do polls here as well.  Stay tuned.  It’s only been 2 full weeks that my kids have been in school and I am drinking up the “self-care” time for myself.  It’s hard to do anything else just yet.  This is my plea for forgiveness.

Much love,