Joy Joy Joy!

It's a Perfect day to?

This Full Moon and Blood Moon, Lunar Eclipse AND Mercury retrograde are creating something….. It’s VERY powerful.  If you want to learn more about the importance of the Blood Moon (we will be having 4 of them, and I believe this was the 2nd one of the four, ending the last one September 2015) you can watch Matt Kahn’s video discussing it here.
How do you want it to go?

We are significantly part of the whole.  We get to decide how our life unfolds.  What do you declare today?

I declare Joy, Ease, freedom and bliss.  All is well.

I want to share a little bit of something I began doing a month and a half ago.  It’s called EMDR therapy.  You can read more about it here.

Very simply, the technique supports the nervous system in processing material that was too intense to resolve subsequent to the painful event or events. EMDR significantly reduces the emotional pain and the accompanying body sensations associated with the memory of the trauma. More importantly, EMDR allows the person to change the underlying false beliefs that were instilled with the trauma and replace them with more truthful, helpful beliefs. For example, a small child being abused usually believes deep down that he or she deserved the abuse and this false belief becomes a part of the subconscious. Once there, it will continue to limit that person’s ability to feel good about him or herself and to limit the development of their full potential.

For me, it feels like I am rewriting my story.  I get to rewire my brain in a loving supportive environment.  I have done little “doses” of it over the past month and a half, but today, I did a full 45 min.  It was such a blissful outcome that I really need to share this.  Having someone be present with me and aid me to rewrite my stories I tell myself has been remarkably healing.  I literally felt a matrix in my thought waves reconstructing new words, beliefs, and messages while my body experienced the relaxation of it as I worked through the emotions of it.  Today, I witnessed so much joy I thought I was going to fly away when I left.  It was very blissful.  I don’t always have that experience, but today, I owned it.

It is a perfect day to celebrate.  How about you?  What is it a perfect day for?

Much love and light,


Counting down the days for prelaunch….stay tuned!

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  1. Dear Shakti, Here Jeanine from Belgium, Well Shakti, I admire your courage ! For me at this moment, it is difficult to do, to begin with something, the being-alone for already 14 years is now becoming too much, as if I can not do it anymore – alone. The weight in my life was heavy (more giving than receiving). At this moment it feels like only resting and doing things to (let my inner-child) play is the best, I hope so. Kind regards, jeanine.

    Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2014 19:13:09 +0000 To:

  2. My dearest Jeanine,
    It sounds as if you have been seeking for an answer. Have you reached out to anyone near you for help? Or do you still feel as if you have been at this alone? Sometimes the weight we are carrying sheds off of us as we reach out for help. I hear your cry. I hear that you have endured many years of going at it alone. Are you ready to reach out now? Are you able to? I offer a free 30 min consultation on my website. Perhaps that could be a good starting place. All that has to happen is to start. There is no wrong timing. All we have is right now and all we can show up with is as we are. Nothing else to perform. So please feel free to reach out to me if you so desire a 30 min consult. I’d be happy to assist you in any way. Here is the link, all you need to do is say yes.
    Much love and light,

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