Would you believe it?

Precious Gifts~ By Shakti Chionis

I had the wrong link for buying my book and so you couldn’t view it!  Funny how life shows up like this sometimes.

Here is the correct link (Special Offer expires 11/11/14)


With your purchase of Precious Gifts, you will also get a Free Gift from me of a special recording of Singing Bowls that I made.  It’s perfect for meditation or just simply relaxing and falling asleep too.

View here to learn more about Sound Healing.





Here’s a preview you can watch.

Thank you for considering purchasing this incredible book.  When it’s in your hands, you will see just how much it feels like a work of art.  There are over 25 colored images in it bringing the words alive.  The energy of it all feels very healing and uplifting.  

Much love, Shakti