St. Nicholas Day

I am reblogging this sweet story. My son is now 3 and today once again St. Nicholas visited and left an orange and a golden walnut. this is just the sweetest story. Had to share it again.

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St Nicholas Day

Yesterday upon leaving my sons childcare, there was a trail of carrots and celery for a horse to come for a treat.  Today my 2 1/2 year old was visited by St. Nicholas and this is the story that his dear caregiver told.  I found it very touching that I thought I’d spread the sweetness on to you.  I did have a photo of my sons slippers with an orange and a golden walnut, however I did a stupid thing this morning.  I accidentally placed the SDcard into the cd slot on my computer.  Boohoo….  and can’t retrieve it without bringing my computer in to get fixed.  It was one of those moments as I saw it slip out of my fingers….and into the wrong spot.

I do hope you enjoy this.  I found it a worthy read.

There was once a good and very kind man called Bishop Nicholas…

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