About Me

My son Gus last summer.

My son Gus last summer.

Me and my son Norbu at Mount Baker, Wa.

Me and my son Norbu at Mount Baker, Wa.





I am a stay at home mom of two spirited boys, age 2 and 7. I have lost my way for 30 years and am finally reclaiming my unique love for living. I am here representing all of you and my spirit is guiding me to offer a look at what living fully embraces. I am loving the changes I am making and it is freeing me up to become who I am meant to be. A lover of life, magic and miracles. I listen to nature, I see with all my senses, I love flowers, I am inspirational, enthusiastic, a whole foods culinary artist, a Holistic healer, a fabulous baker (and gluten free baker too) and I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

Here are a few gorgeous photos of Mount Baker Washington. Β We are lucky to live so close to it.



10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. “A lover of life, magic and miracles.” -how incredibly inspiring Shakti!!

    My heartfelt thank you for sharing your love, positivity and magic with us all! πŸ™‚ x

  2. I appreciate your liking my blog and thereby introducing me to yours. I look forward to following along with your journey as I continue with mine! Best to you, Chele

  3. Shakti,

    With pleasure, I have nominated you for Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

    The rules are simple:

    1) Display the logo on your blog (it can be found on my blog).
    2) Link back to the person who nominated you.
    3) Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award and link back to them.
    4) Notify bloggers of the nomination and award requirements.

    Thank you for your open and enjoyable reads.

  4. Awe, that’s sweet. Thank you. I will post it. I don’t know if I know 15 bloggers yet, but I’ll do my best.

    I enjoy reading your blog as well. I see lots of potential growth for me with your words.

  5. Hello! I came across your blog and I must say I LOVE it! I really enjoyed reading it and felt a ton of synergy with our project.

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    I’d love to send you a copy for your review. And dont worry, this is not spam! I promise! We have over 9000 fans on Facebook and we could definitely help promote your work, especially since I know our community would really benefit from your writing.

    Please let me know via email if you would like me to send you a DVD and I’ll rush one out.

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    In the early 20th century, while studying world mythology, Joseph Campbell discovered a pattern hidden in every story ever told and he called it β€œThe Hero’s Journey.” A truly inspirational film, FINDING JOE takes us on the ultimate hero’s journey: the journey of self discovery. Using the mythological teachings of Joseph Campbell, and interviews with visionaries, the film inspires us all to discover our passions and purpose. As you slay dragons and uncover treasures, you just may find that the holy grail you seek is closer than you think. This life changing film is now available on DVD and iTunes.

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