Amazing Healers


I highly recommend ANYONE that I have posted.  They are talented, generous, and VERY gifted healers.  If you are looking for that miracle in YOUR life, work with one of these healers.  You won’t be sorry.


Elke Siller MacCartney

Shaman, Aura portraits, ceremonies and house clearings, drum circles, Zumba teacher…she is a fabulously gifted woman.  She travels occasionally to do aura portraits.  If you want to work with her, there will be a way.

Heather Hovis- Reiki An artist, web designer and remarkably clear healer.  She does Reiki classes as well.  A joy to work with.

Annapoorne Colangelo – She doesn’t have  a web page, but that shouldn’t stop you.  She is a very special lady who does readings, intuitive healing and yoga.   She is located on Whidbey Island in the Pacific Northwest. She does phone consultations too.  She is a dear friend of mine that I have known for a very long time.  Her contact number is 360-579-3735.

Tibetan Doctors

History of Tibetan Medicne

FAQ about Tibetan Medicine

Paltul Rinpoche Paltul Rinpoche is the 5th incarnation of the same doctor.  He lives in Queens, NY and travels around the world to see patients.  He has a monastery in Tibet as well.  He regularly travels to Germany, Taiwan, Seattle/Bellingham, Wa., Los Angelos,Ca., and has been to Boulder, Co.  If you have a connection with him, find out if he will be in your area.  He often will travel where there is a demand for Tibetan Medicine.

Dr. Nashalla Nyinda– Dr. Nashalla Gwyn draws from the wisdom’s of Tibetan Medicine, Ayurveda, Chinese Taoist Five Element Medicine, Jin Shin Tara, Acupressure, treatment of the nervous system and Plant Spirit Medicine. She believes people must be encouraged to access information and continue to learn about themselves in order to grow healthy.


Brain Integration Center  Greg Sleteger is a delight to work with.  He specializes in children but sees adults as well.  He lives in Ohio and travels to Seattle/Bellingham, Wa, and Michigan.

Crossinology Video Link Watch this 4 min video that explains what it is.  It is a method that works with permanently removing learning disabilities like Dyslexia and other disorders.  It is very noninvasive.  I had it done a year ago in May 2012.  It was very profound and I highly recommend it.

Animal Therapy

Animals as Natural Therapies  (ANT)  is an organization that helps empower individuals of all ages through honest relationships developed with animal partners. With the use of horses and other small animals, their programs challenge their participants, many with minimal resources and opportunities, to expand their horizons in a safe, nurturing environment. Participants learn to develop essential relationship skills beside an animal partner with the support of a human mentor.  These skills will positively impact all aspects of their lives.  It is run by many beautiful angelic people.  I hope you have an opportunity to learn more about them.

For Parents of small children

Hand and Hand Parenting, Parent Connection  Patty Wipfler

Lots and Lots of excellent articles here

Kuan Yin

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