Daily Affirmations

Use these affirmations to reprogram your thoughts.  Enter them into your calendar on your phone or computer and receive them throughout the day.  Recite them out loud when you get them.  Believe in yourself and take charge of your life.  “Become these new thoughts.”


“I love myself unconditionally.  I see love everywhere.”


“I love life.  I feel great.  I love my body and how it moves.”


“I only make authentic choices in my life.  I free myself to be who I am….”


“I thrive on listening to my intuition.  My heart soars when I do.  People everywhere are inspired by my transformation.”


“Look for the unique gift of expression that everyone has to offer.  A smile, the food that is made, listening or just being present.”


“I am connected to source energy.  I see life force everywhere and it fills me up completely.  I am loved.”

Shakti Chionis

Kuan Yin


3 thoughts on “Daily Affirmations

  1. A friend of me introduced me to daily affirmations, I tried them a few times and then I gave up. She told me that it really works, I think I will give them a try once again. 🙂

  2. They do work. What makes it not work is the hook or belief that is opposing the thought. If you want to believe the new thought you are bringing in, there has to be an allowing of it. I find some affirmations are great and others aren’t. Why would that be? It is because the seed belief for it is protecting me or keeping me from allowing the energy of it to flow. Watch some of Teal Scott’s video on my link page. She has one on positive intentions and changing a belief that will help you with what I mean. By doing this work, it releases that resistance and creates your new world to flow. It literally feels like magic. It has happened to both my husband and myself every time we do shadow work.

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