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“It’s Never Too Late to Become What You Were Meant to Be.”

Welcome to my blog.  What a unique time of my life I find myself at. Not ever did I foresee writing a blog, and yet here I am. Today is the launching of a very unique challenge I have taken upon myself. I am calling it 365 days. I started on May 5 and I will go one year asking myself just one question….ALL day long. It is a simple question with unexplainable results. This is a journey of self love. I am embarking on my own destiny of self love. Something that until now has been trapped, inhibited and questionably unavailable. When we think about self love, what do we think of? Self indulgence or self alignment? Recently, I have looked at this universal question. What is self love? How do we love ourselves? In my search, I was surprised at what I found.  It appears it’s about how much we show up with our unique gifts that we bring to the world. To bring to our friends, family, schools, etc.  I asked myself, “Who do I know that I think exhibits self love?”  I had a hard time.  I just couldn’t grasp what it “looked” like.  There is one friend of mine that I feel may capture it’s essence, but what I found is that she captures Grace more than anything else.  I then had to ask myself…what is grace?  Not an easy definition for me.  I talked with some friends and finally came to the conclusion that it is The Wisdom that transcends us from dualistic perception It is hard for me to describe, but it has happened to me several times and it is always an “action from one state of mind to another”.  Back to Self Love….How all this translated for me was really about being present with our individual unique gifts while we remained aligned to what I will refer to as “Buddha Nature” or our “true nature”. Is it that simple? What keeps us from showing up?  What obstacles do we all battle to find our true nature?

One of my favorite quotes “It’s never to late to become what you are meant to be.”  It has kept me believing in myself to get where I knew someday was possible but didn’t have the map.   This is my platform that I stand on today. I am taking my 1st steps and saying, I am ready to become who I am meant to be, because really I am already that.  I just don’t see it.  I am clouded by my own judgements and negative self talk that I prevent myself from embracing it.  However, if I change my thoughts, we all know that we change.  So how do I do this?  Why 365 days?   And  what is this question that will take me on such a profound journey of self love?

It is something that I recently saw on an Ask Teal video (Self Love- The Great Shortcut to Enlightenment.)  Teal Scott is a spiritual catalyst whom has quickly changed my life into a very positive one.  Watch her video  and see what challenge she has brought about.  Her question that you can watch for yourself is “What would someone do if they loved themselves?” A question that I will ask all day long, with every decision and choice I need to make.  When I wake up and when I go to bed.  When I am yelling at my children. When I disconnect from my heart center. When I am bored, when I am hungry and whenever else it filters into my psyche.  And then whatever my intuition flashes, I am to do it.  Whatever thought comes to mind, I am to be brave enough to act on it.  Kind of like a built in personal coach that is available 24/7 free of charge!  This is where the transformation is taking place.  So is it really a shortcut to enlightenment?   I will find out in 365 days.  If anything, I will have created a very rich new habit.  One that will keep me flowing downstream and embracing what is.   Mastering the art of allowing.  Manifesting what I call “miracles” on a regular basis.

It has been 30 days since I started this journey and it has been nothing short of amazing.  I litterally can see how my life will completely transform because of this one question. The habit will be so strong that after a year, I know longer will need to ask the question. It will be who I become.  SELF LOVE.

View Teal Scott’s Video Here:

Self Love- The Great Shortcut to Enlightenment

Kuan Yin


12 thoughts on “Home

  1. Enjoy the ride. I honor you for your courage and honesty. You are creating a path for many to become inspired.


  2. “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin
    I am happy to share your journey.

  3. Thanks for sharing your journey Shakti ~ I feel I’m starting anew with this every day…and am learning that I have to love myself in order to love the rest of humanity too! Here we go…

  4. Truly inspiring Shakti! 🙂 I truly wish you all the very best and lots of happiness on your journey (its a journey i’m on myself too). Thank you so much for sharing! x

  5. Ps. I just watched Teal Scott’s video in full…just amazing! I will post a link on my blog too 🙂 Thank you so much for liking my ‘limitless’ post because that allowed me to discover your wonderful blog! x

  6. When you use your gifts and strengths and expand your influence in the world, you are sharing your love and who you are. When you recognize the difference between self indulgence and self care/love, then you become more strongly your essential self.

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